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Some History Background

  • On Wednesday, February 15, 2006, a U.S. federal trademark registration was filed for HEALTH ESSIST HANGOVER-FREE PATCH by Health Essist, Inc., HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA 92648.
  • On Oct 06, 2006, 01:00 ET WayPoint Biomedical, Inc. announced that it has selected national convenience store broker TNT Marketing, Inc. to represent its products nationwide. In conjunction with TNT Marketing, WayPoint will co-exhibit at the upcoming NACS Tradeshow in Las Vegas (Oct. 9 - 11) where they will showcase their new Health Essist(R) Hangover-Free Patch(TM) at the TNT Booth (#2148).
  • In 2007, was created to promote Health patch products to US distributors.
  • On Wed Jun 3, 2009 Waypoint Biomedical Holdings, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: WYPH) announced that the Federal Drug Administration, FDA, has directed WayPoint to cease promoting, marketing and selling its "trans-dermal patch products." Its packaging as it depicts a "disease" and is in violation of the FDA's rules and regulations. The FDA also determined that the Company's products were a "drug delivery system" and therefore were in violation of rules and regulations as defined by the FDA. The Company was given permission by the FDA to sell its products in the International markets and would be allowed to continue to manufacture its "trans-dermal." products for export only. The Company is evaluating its position of marketing, promoting and selling its products internationally in order to determine the feasibility and economics of such a plan.

After 2009 and the FDA ruling, all products that were selling on this site says: FOR EXPORT ONLY."

I had been following the Health Essist patch products after visiting their booth in 2006 at the NACS Tradeshow in Las Vegas. Following the FDA ruling I read a news report about WayPoint Biomedical Holdings, Inc. announcing that, effective February 6, 2009, President, Chief Operating Officer and Director Bret Hendzel was relieved of all of his employment positions and duties with the Company for cause. And that WayPoint Biomedical Holdings was pursuing legal remedies in order to recover Company shares issued to Mr. Hendzel based upon claims that the company asserts against Mr. Hendzel for various alleged breaches of fiduciary duty, including breaches arising out of the actions taken by the FDA.

The attempt to sell the trans-dermal patches to only the international market was not successful. website selling Health Essist products lasted only another year after the FDA ruling and then disappeared from the web. Recently I discovered that the domain was available, so I bought it with the goal of recreating some of its original content from archived pages. I did not want someone else to purchase the domain and re-purpose the site for something that had nothing in common with the original website.

Periodically you see news stories that are similar to what happened to the Health Essist patch products. I recently utilized an ecommerce site that offers affordable replacement eyeglass lenses. They state that they offer all kinds of replacement lenses, including single vision, progressive, bifocal, and trifocal. The materials used for the replacement lenses are from plastic and polycarbonate, to high index, Trivex and even glass. And if you need replacement prescription sunglass lenses, you can order them with custom tint, Transitions technology, polarized, and mirror coated. Finally, they offer a “Perfect Lenses Guarantee” so if the lenses are not acceptable to the customer, the online store,, will redo the lenses or issue refund in full. The online store boasts an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and state that "our" lenses are made in the United States. To ensure that the replacement lenses are perfect, every lens order goes through over 20 quality control checkpoints. I had both my regular and my sunglass lenses replaced by and they delivered on their promises, unlike what Health Essist® promised regarding their products. As a customer you need to feel that what you purchase is the real thing and that you are not being ripped off. I applaud the FDA for their actions.

Health Essist products also ran into problems when attempting to rank their products in Google searches. Google has a special category for websites selling products and services they consider YMYL - your money or your life - which might impact your finances or your health, and require these sites to hold to significantly higher standards regarding transparency and legitimacy. Legendary seo consultancy TNG/Earthling's Bob Sakayama spoke to this issue in a recent interview on the Findable podcast, saying that Google wants to avoid liability when showing search results for products/services that might cause harm. Many law suits against Google reference their search results taking people to bogus advice and medically related products that either are not effective, create harmful side effects, or are otherwise inappropriate for a wide audience. Google responded by not permitting YMYL products from ranking unless they met the new standards.

This is a cautionary tale that resulted in unfulfilled expectations and loss of face, the downfall of a man, lawsuits, and loss of investment. Consider the information on this site for its historical value.

Let's take a stroll back to 2006 when the future appeared so promising and before the FDA blew the whistle on the claims issued by Health Essist.


Health Essist Products

Health Essist® products are built around the idea of simplicity, innovation, cost effectiveness and design.

Our transdermal patches are manufactured in the USA and include all natural ingredients and quality tried and tested raw materials. Each product is backed by studies to show safety and effectiveness.

The ingredients contained within each patch are time released and perform for up to 24 hours from placement on the skin.

There are no drugs involved with any of our products and all of our raw materials are obtained through national companies. Transdermal patches are easy to use, highly effective and are gaining increasing acceptance by the public.

Health Essist, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of WayPoint Biomedical Holdings, Inc. (Other OTC:WYPH.PK) is a pioneering biomedical firm specializing in trans-dermal topical patches and enhancing human health, wellness and fitness.

The Company develops and markets a unique array of cutting-edge products, which includes their Health Essist® Hangover-Free Topical Patch, Health Essist® Energy-Boost Power Patch and (coming soon) our Health Essist® Travel Guard Immune Boost Patch. All the products are directed towards the OTC Retail Pharmacy and Convenience Store markets.

Health Essist's transdermal patches are both easy of use and highly effective, providing all-natural wellness enhancement solutions and relief.

The Company's primary target sector is the Over the Counter (OTC) Wellness & Self-Testing Market one of the fastest growing areas in the retail trade.

For more information on Health Essist, Inc. and their product range visit



About Transdermal Patches

Health Essist® all-natural Transdermal Topical Patch products are a revolutionary, new vitamin, mineral and herb supplement delivery system, that may help enhance and improve a range of human conditions. Just place a new patch to dry skin anywhere on your body (shoulder and hips are preferred areas), for safe, convenient, and constant 24-hour delivery of the highly effective supplement blend.

The Benefits of Using a Transdermal Patch Instead of a Capsule or Pill:
Transdermal topical patch products incorporate a delivery methodology that enables the skin to absorb the ingredients affixed-to or suspended-in the patch adhesive. Transdermal delivery via a patch can reduce or even eliminate many of the disadvantages frequently experienced by those who take pills. These advantages include:

  • Consistent and level dose of the ingredient/supplement to the body for up to 24 hours.
  • Single daily application, unlike orally taken pills that may need to be taken several times a day (most pills or capsules will go through your system in 3 to 6 hours.

Reduction of gas and stomach discomfort, since the patch ingredients bypass the digestive tract and are directly absorbed into the bloodstream.

General Directions:

  • Be sure the skin area where the patch will be placed is clean and dry.
  • Attach the patch so it contacts tightly with the skin for maximum delivery of the patch ingredients.
  • Change the skin location from where you previously placed the patch.

Do not apply more patches then is recommended in the specific patch directions for use.

Hangover-Free Patch

Health Essist® Hangover-Free Patch contains a proprietary blend of all natural supplements, minerals and vitamins including Vitamin C, Green Tea Extract. Simply place the patch on your skin at least 30 minutes before your drinking session and forget about it. The transdermal application will transfer the natural ingredients into your system over a 24 hour period. The Hangover-Free Patch may help to prevent the effects of hangovers. Totally Drug-Free, the patch is safe, effective and easy to use.

Hangover-Free Patch

Using the principals described in our Products section Health Essist, Inc have developed a very effective way of dealing with the “Hangover Effect” some people encounter after consuming alcohol. Dehydration is one of the key issues with the “Hangover-Effect” which comes from the liver not being active and going through it’s cleaning process when a person sleeps after consumption of alcohol. By using the “Hangover-Free Patch” 30-45 minutes before a drinking session out studies show that over 83% of people who tried our patch found a marked improvement the following morning.

Our Natural vitamin, supplement and mineral ingredients help your body deal with the toxicity of the alcohol consumed allowing you to feel marked improvement the morning after.

Instructions as follows: Put patch on 30-45 Minutes BEFORE you start drinking….

  • Open the sleeve and take out the patch.
  • Peel back the patch from its backing.
  • Place patch on your shoulder, arm upper torso 30-45 minutes before you start your drinking.
  • Simply forget about it

The supplements are good for a 24 hour period from the time you place the patch on the skin. Water resistant and totally all natural, the Hangover-Free Patch will release the all natural ingredients into your system and assist in the dehydration issues caused by drinking alcohol.

Safe, simple and clinically tested…the Hangover-Free patch is the answer to the “Hangover” effect many people suffer the next morning from after social drinking occasions.


Energy-Boost Power Patch

Health Essist® Energy-Boost Power Patch contains all natural herbs, supplements and minerals. Our propriety formula includes such natural products as Rhodiola Rosea, Licorice and has been crafted to deliver the most effective balance of natural ingredients, CAFFEINE FREE!!. The Transdermal application will transfer the natural ingredients into your system over a 24 hour period. The Energy-Boost Power Patch may help you with a boost of energy, just at the right time. Totally Drug-Free, the patch is safe, effective and easy to use.


Travel-Guard Patch


Health Essist® Travel Guard Patch contains a balanced formula of all natural ingredients including herbs, supplements and minerals to achieve a safe and effective transdermal delivery. Our propriety formula includes key ingredients that may help your immune system fight off the onset of the cold & flu. The transdermal application will gradually transfer the natural ingredients into your system over a 24 hour time line. Apply before travel or attending social gatherings. The Travel Guard™ Patch may help provide you with a boost, just at the right time. Totally Drug-Free, the patch is safe, effective and easy to use.


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